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Welcome to Soul Matter Vortex!

I started this blog to share my musings on various metaphysical, natural sciences, and spiritual and philosophical subjects. Researching and reading on topics of interest is my hobby. I like learning, uncovering, and sharing knowledge.

Currently, I hold the belief that there is only ONE truth that is interpreted through multiple lenses, considering the diversity in creation. So, in my opinion, it is pointless to hold one belief system as being superior or inferior to another. 

Everything I share here is my reconstruction of knowledge that I have gained through cruising different sources on ancient philosophies, space science, biology/life sciences, orthodox religions, eastern faiths, and pantheons from various cultures. 

I'm approaching these sharings in a fun and lightweight style and will try to stay away from or break down complex scholarly jargon. 


Sarahy B. - The Seeking Deer.